Our Guide to Buying

Purchase with a Professional!

Finding a home in this market can be intimidating. Low inventory and high demand create one of the most competitive markets we have ever seen. With home sales prices soaring tens of thousands of dollars over asking, it is important to have a competitive advantage. Hiring one of our agents means that you have access to our portfolio of unique programs that empower you with the tools necessary to win. We have represented all types of clients including traditional buyers, investors, and even those concerned with poor credit or down payment. Don’t let uncertainty stop you from investing in your future. Speak with one of our representatives today to discover how we make buying possible!

Receiving the Keys

Buying Tips

  • First of all, it is very important to speak with a lender to help you get preapproved. This will help us determine your budget and the price point you are most comfortable with.  Chastain Home Advisors will connect you with LOCAL, knowledgeable, well-established lenders whom we have personally vetted.

  • Once you are pre-approved, start thinking about which style home and neighborhoods you may be interested in. 

    • We will help you prioritize your budget and develop a list of your desired home features. 

    • We set you up on your own customized MLS search, and also share access to our mobile app which gives you access to ALL MLS listings.

  • Determine what is important to you!  Check out our Resources section to help!  

    • Do you have children? It is important to consider the school district when selecting a home 

    • Are there specific shops, restaurants, or activities that are “must-haves”?

  • Know how to make smart, competitive offers.  Once we discover a property that piques your interest, we will research comparable properties that we will utilize in helping us determine the most competitive offer, while tactfully positioning you to secure the best deal possible.

  • Choose the Realtor that works for YOU.  Picture yourself inside of a boxing ring and the only thing getting you to the next round is the coach in your corner. Choose a Realtor who you are comfortable with, and whom you trust to be in your corner.  Of course, Chastain Home Advisors would love to be on your team!

Find Your Dream Home

Having a professional on your side eliminates the stress, making it much easier and efficient than doing it yourself. Click below to search current listings.  We will also set you up on your own personalized search making it very easy to create a list of properties that you would like to view.

Rent to Own Program

Not sure your credit is where it needs to be or if you have enough money saved for a down payment? Our rent-to-own program gives you the opportunity to move into your dream home now and save money or restore your credit at your own pace.  You choose the house, rent until you're ready, and exercise your option to purchase at any time. Call us today to find out how to apply.

*Must qualify for program*

Offers Backed by Cash

Have you heard the saying, “Cash is king”? Don’t let other cash offers, specific loan types, or a saturated market stop you from purchasing your dream home. When you hire one of our agents, we will connect you with our partners who empower you with the option to utilize their cash funds to back your institutional financing. This strengthens the chances of your offer finding it's way to the closing table.


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