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How to Throw a Beautiful Wedding at Home

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Picking a venue for a wedding can be stressful. Hosting a wedding at home is a great alternative and lovely idea for lots of couples. After all, what could be a more perfect and personal setting to celebrate your devotion to one another than the place you feel the most comfortable and happiest.

Hosting a wedding at your home or a close relative's home is a great way to reduce your costs and keep every detail customizable. But it's important to remember that no wedding at home is entirely without some challenges. Here are some key things to consider when you’re trying to tie the knot at home and all the inspiration you need to make the best day of your life perfect.

Guest List

Make sure you get a good estimate on the amount of people you can fit in your home before sending out invitations. Be realistic about indoor and outdoor capacity; don’t feel pressured to squeeze in so many people that it gets uncomfortable. Every guest will need a chair, meal, parking space and more.


Make sure to be courteous of your neighbors before planning your big day at your home. Your house is not a venue in a traditional sense, and it is respectful to notify those who live in the vicinity of your home that a wedding will be taking place.


No one knows of better picture spots around your home better than you or your family, so work with your photographer on a list of key areas you want to be captured on your wedding day.


If you are planning to throw more of an intimate wedding, then having friends and family help cook everything may be the better option. If you are planning on having more guests than your typical dinner party then you may want to organize caterers. They will be able to advise you on your options depending on your requirements.

One fun idea I like to give couples planning their wedding at their home is to get one or two food trucks depending on the size of the wedding. Whether you choose delicious tacos, BBQ or cheesy pizza, your guests will love the interactive element.


Having an open bar is much more affordable for an at home wedding. Supermarkets like Aldi are great options when it comes to amazing prices on alcoholic beverages. That way you don’t have to spend a fortune to fully stock the shelves.

Make sure to have a fridge, cooler or ice buckets to keep the drinks cold and crisp and ensure there is enough glassware. Another thing to remember is soft drinks, make sure those options are just as exciting as the booze. Even water can be made pretty with some fresh fruit and mint leaves.


Does your home or backyard have space for a DJ set up and dance floor? You want to keep your guests entertained and what better way of doing so than with music. With that being said, take into consideration the noise factor, you may have notified your neighbors nicely but that doesn’t mean they want to be getting woken up to your guests screaming “Sweet Caroline.”

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